Blind boy with autism made the audience to a standing ovation on the show «America’s got talent»

Judges and the audience gave a standing ovation after Cody Lee, a blind man with autism, finished his speech on the show «America’s got talent.»

22-year-old boy from California has become famous overnight after a stunning debut on the popular show. Cody performed the song Donny Hathaway «Song for you», and not a single person in the hall did not remain indifferent. Simon Cowell was struck by Julian’s Half — cried, and Gabrielle Union gave the Golden buzzer for the youthful performer, which means Cody Lee went to the finals!

Later Gabriel said that he wanted to keep his lucky ticket until the last moment, expecting something really special. «I was waiting for the performer who will change the world … and I believe Cody will make it»

Oprah Winfrey tweeted that she was watching the speech at home, and so she liked that the lead stood up with the rest of the room and applauded in my living room.

In the NBC interview, his mother said that music literally saved her son. «This is his second side as if it the two people. He goes on stage and suddenly is transformed and no more problems.»

According to mother, the boy from childhood wanted to be on stage. He was born with hypoplasia of the optic nerve, moving the operation in the first five days of life, and at an early age the boy was diagnosed with autism.

According to the website Cody Lee, the rising star is one of 25 gifted musicians savantul with «extraordinary» abilities in the world: the guy has perfect hearing and audio-photographic memory. Only once after listening to a melody, Cody can it accurately reproduce. It is not limited to one musical genre, and in the finale, you may perform a rock or classical music.

«His head is literally a jukebox».

Savantism or savant syndrome is a rare condition in which people with mental disorders such as autism, have outstanding skills. Cody always dreamed of being a rock star, and it looks like his dream will come true.

This is not the first scene, which was visited by guy: he acts in California and was invited to Carnegie Hall.

«He’s an innocent soul, always so happy. And with him you’re happy,» says his mother.

Kodi Lee, who is blind and has autism, delivered an emotional performance on the season premiere of @AGT that earned him a golden buzzer from judge Gabrielle Union.

We sat down with Kodi and his mom, who says she couldn’t be more proud:

— NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (@NBCNightlyNews) May 30, 2019