«The sexy marine world» undressed to support trump during a visit to Britain

Shannon IRK stripped for a new photoshoot, to Express support for Trump during his visit to the UK. Girl 29 years old from Minnesota on new photographs captured on the backdrop of the desert in a bikini and gun belt.

Trump visited the United Kingdom in the face of some protests. But the IRK was supported by his commander in chief. «I always want our President to succeed, no matter who he is. I’m American and love this country! I hope the visit trump in the UK will be awesome,» she said.

A former marine shared his stunning photos with its 148 thousand subscribers in Instagram. New pictures were taken by photographer Thomas Prusso.

Shannon joined the marine Corps at age 19 and 4 years was in the service in the army, including Afghanistan. «Being a woman in the United States marine corps, you need to work twice harder than men, to feel equal to them. Many initially believed that I couldn’t fit physically, or that I do something not as strong as they are, so my goal was to prove the opposite. It was hard, but so needed. I trained harder than I ever imagined and have learned to stay calmer and more concentrated in the center of chaos.»

Shannon became a Sergeant, traveled the world and thanks to the GI Bill got a degree at Elmhurst College in Illinois.

After serving 4 years in the Marines, she decided to become a model. «In the army I was always worried about how to be the best companion for my brothers in arms. In the modeling world you need to push yourself, because no one you do not. I owe the marine corps my life. She gave me a reason to Wake up, push myself to set goals and push myself even harder when it gets hard. And though I’m not a current marine, I will always support our army. Some people spend all their life thinking, did they change something in this world. The Marines have no such problem».