Freddie mercury and lance bass at the Denver zoo appeared same-sex couple Flamingo

Representatives of the Denver zoo introduced a pair of gay flamingos, which they called Freddie mercury and lance bass.

They posted a photo of 2 birds which was named in honor of icons of the music on the official Facebook page of the zoo.

Representatives of the zoo wrote: «Despite the fact that 2 of these males will never be able to have their offspring, they can become surrogate parents if the couple gave birth to offspring, for whatever reason, can’t raise him.»

In an interview with CBS Denver, a specialist on these birds Britney weaver explained: «It happened in 2014, when we started to notice that they spend a lot of time together. Then we noticed that they are involved in all those rituals of courtship, but surely we have learned after they finally built a nest.»

As reported by CNN, of Freddie mercury – it’s the American Flamingo, which was acquired by the zoo in 1978, while lance bass – the Chilean Flamingo, which appeared at the Denver zoo in 2001.

Although a pair of birds will not be able to have their own offspring, as indicated in the post zoo on Facebook, they will be able to act as surrogate parents. «If you are born genetically valuable offspring and we need to ensure its survival, we can pick it up and give more experienced couples,» explained weaver.

Same-sex couples are not uncommon in the animal world. In 2015 the BBC reported that domestic sheep and Laysan Albatross may the rest of your life to show interest in the same sex, whereas macaques are bisexual. In early 2019 The New York Times wrote that 2 male penguins named Sphene and magic to the Sydney aquarium became parents after they gave the egg one of the females.

Weaver noted that all flamingos zoo named in honor of the musicians and the staff of the zoo, «wanted to name them Freddy and lance in accordance with their relations.»

Former member of NSYNC lance bass shared this story on Twitter and wrote that it was «the Best story of the day!»