Hilarious steward on the flight to Arizona gave passengers a memorable briefing on security measures

The majority of flights reminisces about the terrible food and fellow traveler, but the passengers of the flight Westjet, flying from Alberta (Canada) Arizona, left much more vivid impressions from a 3-hour journey.

When it’s time for ordinary instruction on safety rules on Board, the steward decided to try an unorthodox approach — and instead just show the passengers how to use safety belts and oxygen mask, put on a real Comedy show.

For a 5-minute video, filmed by one of the attendees, the flight attendant demonstrates the instructions of his colleagues in the comic scenes a few times, «vainly» tries to fasten the belt, dramatic fights with an oxygen mask and even performs an intricate dance, showing where the emergency exits. Then he repeats it again — now, until the rules read at the French — and completes my remarks respectful bow. The audience, judging by the friendly laughter in the background and applause, remains delighted with the performance.

«This guy was so positive that it was impossible for them not to get infected. — says Nicky’s Owner, a passenger, filmed the instructing — the <…> Honestly, for 61 years I have never seen the steward was able to have everybody’s attention.»

A desperate mother’s letter about a lost toy daughter led to tender a «reunion» at the airport»can You believe it, isn’t that crazy?» exclaimed Angela coffin, sitting with her husband Josh and daughter Natalie. This morning they were eagerly waiting for a special friend. …July 2, 2019, 13:45

«Everyone clapped when he finished. — still a woman — And then he saw something quite incredible: we saw and the French version of the briefing!»

Since then, as the Owner posted the video in Facebook, it has attracted more than 1 million views and 160 thousand reposts.