«Happy 4th of July my independence!»: Boxer and world champion Floyd Mayweather boasted its gold and $2 million in cash in Instagram

Bronze medalist of the Olympic games in 1996, world champion and the highest paid boxer in the history of professional Boxing Floyd Mayweather independence Day United States posted in Instagram video, which showed their earnings.

«Money for may. All I do is get money. Today is rose gold, as you can see,» says Mayweather of the record, showing several combinations of rose gold and diamonds on his neck.

The video also shows the watch Arnold Schwarzenegger and Audemars Piguet and a giant Chanel handbag. According to Mayweather this is the biggest bag that does Chanel, and added that he had received it from the late creative Director Karl Lagerfeld.

«I’m happy to flaunt their legal status and are proud to be a black man who came from poverty and made it impossible. I don’t care what someone thinks — signed Mayweather to his post. — Congratulations to all the 4th of July is my independence! Now let the fireworks start!»

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The following pictures Mayweather said that he has on the table is about $1.8 million in cash.