Star movies Disney Cameron Boyce died in his sleep at the age of 20 years

Actor Cameron Boyce, made famous by the teenage TV series «Jessie» and movie franchise Disney «Descendants» died in her sleep. He was only 20 years old.

Star movies Disney Cameron Boyce died in his sleep at the age of 20 yearsdepositphotos. According to his family, the actor was suffering from illness for some time.

According to the family of Boyce, confirmed that information on Saturday night, July 6, the guy died because of «health problems» that lasted for some time. It is unknown what kind of illness suffered by a young actor, but according to relatives, he received proper medical treatment.

«It is with heavy hearts we announce that lost to Cameron this morning. — said in a statement the official representative of Boicov — He died in his sleep from a seizure caused by long-term health problems <…>. The world, without a doubt, has lost one of its brightest stars, but his spirit will live on thanks to the kindness of all those who knew and loved him.»

News of the death of the actor has surprised his many fans — not knowing that the boys were sick.

Star movies Disney Cameron Boyce died in his sleep at the age of 20 yearsdepositphotos. The news of the death of Boyce caught the fans, and not suspecting about the disease, by surprise.

«I do not think that senior is as hard as it is to us. — said one of the fans — We practically grew up together with him, watched him every day on TV < … > saw, as he gets older. To understand that he died simply unthinkable».

«I knew Cameron and his wonderful family long before I was lucky to play his father in «Jesse». — wrote one of the colleagues of the actor Charles Esten on his Twitter feed — Our [Bassami] children go to Junior school. It was then that we first saw extraordinary talent, kindness, and love [Cameron] to life. At its very first talent show … he made the audience to a standing ovation, and even then it was clear that someday he will become a star.»

«He was always incredibly kind, humble and charming. — added’estaing — Fame can greatly affect a person, but he became famous after the filming of «Jesse», hasn’t changed.»

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Recently, the actor has devoted himself to charity. Last year he won the Pioneering Spirit Award at the Thirst Gala, when it raised $30 thousand for the construction of wells with clean drinking water in Eswatini (state in South Africa).

Just a day before the death of Cameron left on your account Instagram where he has more than 8 million subscribers, last photo. Nothing in black-and-white picture, which gathered to date more than 200 thousand reviews devastated fans, no signs of trouble.

«From a young age, Cameron Boyce dreamed about what to show his acting gift to the world — commented on the sad news, the Disney channel and to change people’s lives for the better of his humanitarian work. He was an incredibly talented actor, an immensely kind man, and, above all, a loving son, brother, grandson and friend.»

Boyce starred in the movie in 9 years, making his debut in the horror film «Mirrors». He recently got a role in the HBO series, «Mrs. Fletcher», and the premiere of the third «the Descendants» with his participation, scheduled for August.