She was considered «too weak» to work with the firefighters, now it makes male colleagues from a burning building

The girl who became a firefighter, talked about how she had to convince male colleagues that she can do the job, despite the fact that they considered her «too weak».

Presley Pritchard (24) from Kalispell, Montana have decided to become a firefighter paramedic, but when she joined the service that has faced criticism and accusations that she chose this profession just to «meet men.»

A mother of two children said that the school was a sports girl, but lost muscle strength after the birth of the first child in 18 years. So it’s more than a slim figure aroused the hostility of the new colleagues. Fear that it will not take the team due to the fact that she’s too weak, she began to work at the gym and lift weights. Now she’s doing a deadlift 137 kg.

Today, the girl proudly displayed their pictures in uniform with his 66 900 followers on Instagram to show that other women «can be strong and equal to the guys.»

Presley said: «When I first came on this job was only a «cute» girl, people thought I just want to meet men. As a firefighter medic, especially as a young woman in a job dominated by men, I knew that I needed to do something. Many did not believe that I work for the fire Department. Now I’m glad I proved them wrong, bringing men who doubted me from the buildings. In high school I played football, but I took command last, because I was not a boy. Now I choose the first, because colleagues started to respect how strong I’ve become.»

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The girl began to aspire to this profession at the age of 16 and by 19 birthday officially became a firefighter medic. «In 18 years, I have Peyton. After giving birth I lost muscle strength. I had a tough pregnancy both times, and I was lying in bed. I became very thin. When I came to work, was very small. The work was too difficult, but I didn’t want people to doubt me. I started to do myself. At first I didn’t know what they are doing. But soon I started to lift the weight and as soon as I saw the changes, he became an ardent admirer of classes. After the start of the training, the work became much easier.»

She says she now wants to explain to the girl that «it’s important to be not only slender but also strong.» She wants to prove to the next generation of firefighters that save lives has nothing to do with the fact that «be nice».