Blind from glaucoma man and confined to a wheelchair for the girl and conquer mountains

Melanie Knecht and Trevor Khan meet in class adaptive Boxing for people with disabilities in Fort Collins, Colorado. Then met in the classroom for adaptive climbing and realized that they share an uncontrollable love for nature.

Melanie was born with spina bifida and their whole life spent in a wheelchair. She cannot walk, but loves to travel. The girl loves nature walks, Hiking, and recently I went to Easter island. Bollard climbed a steep cliff, sitting on someone’s back.

Trevor Khan lost his sight due to glaucoma five years ago. He always loved sports and continued to do when blind. Together with Melanie, they rise the mountain peaks. While the man goes on the trail, bollard behind him acts as a Navigator telling you where to go and describing the landscape that opens in front of her eyes.

They give each other the opportunity to do what many felt impossible. Joint tourist walks give both a purpose and a sense of satisfaction, but the most valuable thing they get is freedom. As people with disabilities, Khan and bollard, traveling together, doesn’t feel like a burden to the partner and understand each other like no one else. They managed to overcome many obstacles and challenges, and are convinced that you need to look for creative solutions for the adaptation of people with disabilities.

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In an interview with GMA Melanie said, «Ask people with disabilities to find out what they like and what they want. Don’t limit them just because you think they can’t handle something.»