A mother from Texas was trying to withdraw from the flight due to her jumpsuit — and then forced to fly, turning around with a towel

Sunday, June 30, Tisha Rowe, a 37-year-old family doctor from Texas, was returning from a holiday in Kingston (Jamaica). A woman and her 8-year-old son, chase, barely managed to climb aboard the American Airlines plane bound for Miami when the flight attendant suddenly said he wanted to talk to them outside.

«She was such a kind, recalls the incident of rou — <…> you know, like the bullies at school when they look at the girl that no one likes. She exuded contempt, as if to say to me: «you’re nothing».

So #AmericanAirlines just told me I couldn’t board the flight without putting a jacket over my ASSETS. My shorts covered EVERYTHING but apparently was too distracting to enter the plane. I guess that’s why they are AMERICAN airlines 🤷 🏾 ♀ app…. @AmericanAir

— Tisha Rowe MD, MBA (@tisharowemd) June 30, 2019

As soon as they came out, the stewardess asked the woman if she has a jacket. Rowe said no — and the answer was that her jumpsuit is too «overt» in order to return to flight.

«I felt completely powerless. — the woman said — the Only thing I could do in that moment was to abandon the place that has already paid to defend their point of view and try to prove that wearing is fine.»

The passenger decided to smooth over the situation and asked if the plane towels, which she could hide behind and fly. Then, according to her, the stewardess said: «yeah, because the only way you on Board and let».

In the end, Tisha was provided by the team tied a towel around my waist and returned to his seat, feeling absolutely «humiliated».

Here is what i was wearing when @AmericanAir asked me to deplane for a talk. At which point I was asked to “cover up”. When defending my outfit I was threatened with not getting back on the flight unless I walked down the aisle wrapped in a blanket. #notsofriendlyskies pic.twitter.com/AYQNNriLcq

— Tisha Rowe MD, MBA (@tisharowemd) July 1, 2019

«My stomach dropped. It made me sick. says Rowe — I sat and thought: «I can’t Believe I have to endure all this for an hour.»

Her son had not better: according to the woman, the entire flight, the boy looked as though ready to sink into the ground, and with difficulty restrained the tears.

«No one even thought to be a delicacy. — adds Tisha — no one had not occurred to try to deprive me of my dignity during this incident or at least apologize.»

On arrival, Rowe told about the incident in social networks, publishing photos of his jumpsuit.

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«American Airlines said I can’t get on Board, if not cover the buttocks jacket. — says the woman in one of the posts — the Shorts are all so well covered, but apparently I have too «flashy» body for traveling on the plane.»

Are Shorts The New Airport In-Flight Status Symbol? | @ELLE Apparently not if you don’t look like the women in your article 🤷 🏾 ♀ lot #bodyshaming https://t.co/u4fN8RiOKi

— Tisha Rowe MD, MBA (@tisharowemd) July 7, 2019

Though the same flight was flying «white women with much shorter shorts,» adds Tisha, their appearance does not bother any of the crew, obviously, because figures from other passengers more consistent with their standards of beauty.

«Do not argue, I have a curvy shape. — she sums up in the last tweet — But I have three PhDs and a private international company. Sorry, but it was humiliating.»

Many users sided with Rowe, criticizing the airline for «racism» and «body shaming». Some even said that will no longer be using his services.

@AmericanAir How else should one dress in June from Kingston to Miami? Sweats?Jeans? Turtleneck? 3 piece suit? Floor length skirt? Her breasts & butt were covered. You policed her curves. Shame on you.

— Danielle Johnson, MD, FAPA (@DrDaniJ) July 2, 2019

«American Airlines, what, in your opinion, should wear a man flying from Kingston to Miami in June? — interested in Danielle Johnson’s Sports suit, jeans, a turtleneck, a business suit, skirt to the floor? Her Breasts and buttocks were covered, and you just did not like its shape. What a shame».

«This is discrimination. agrees next commenter — If she was skinny, and that same jumpsuit was sitting on her free, no one would have her and not say a word».

The official representative of the airline, Shannon Gibson, told Business Insider that the leadership is aware of the incident and «take him seriously». She also added in a statement that American Airlines «I would like to personally apologize» row and has already repaid the cost of her journey.