Social media love from a viral picture of a young bear, admiring the sunset from the hotel

The social network came in very excited about the new viral photo, which bear enjoys the sunrise in new Hampshire.

Sam Geesaman, an employee of the hotel took this picture from the back porch at the hotel Omni Mount Washington Hotel and Resort.

Geesaman called the photography throughout his life. He said that he was able to capture the animal in such a extraordinary moment, after a night shift on June 29. The man told CBS12 News that he wanted to admire the sunrise over mount Washington (the highest mountain in the northeastern region of the United States) when I saw a young black bear, climbing the stairs to explore a nearby box of junk. Geesaman added that he called the other staff together to ward off the intruder from the building.

«As we walked after him to try to drive him to the nearest exit, we saw the bear decided to lean on the railing and enjoy the sunrise as I wanted to do,» affected Geesaman.

The photographer told me that he clapped their hands to finally scare off the bear and drive him back to the forest.

The hotel is located in the centre of natural habitat of wild bears, make every effort to warn guests that this is bear country and that these awesome, majestic animals should not be approached, added Geesaman.

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He wrote on Twitter: «once again – the bears should never be approached, no matter how adorable they look».

Geesaman recently moved to new Hampshire from his hometown of boulder, Colorado. His picture quickly went viral, and many users have admired the incredible luck men and the fact that he managed to make such a good photo. The photographer wrote on his page on Facebook: «What started… My photos seems to be all over the news».