Hundreds of thousands of people are going to «storm» Area 51 in Nevada, to see whether the government is hiding aliens

If you ever wondered whether we are not alone in the galaxy or even the universe, believe me: reflect on this for hundreds of thousands of people.

Over 420 thousand people signed up for the event in Facebook, promising to make a «RAID» on Area 51 in southern Nevadato «see aliens».

As of Friday morning, still more than 430 thousand users tagged yourself as «interested» on the event page.

Americans (and everyone who can come to Nevada in the fall) are invited to gather on September 20 in a school Area 51 Alien Center at the same time the diner, store and brothel in Amargosa Valley, about 90 miles from Las Vegas.

Despite the fact that the events remained a few months, social media users have already begun to speculate about what might be inside the secret facility of the air force in the Nevada desert.

Hundreds of thousands of people are going to «storm» Area 51 in Nevada, to see whether the government is hiding aliensThe Area 51 border and warning sign stating that «photography is prohibited» and «fire»are allowed

This object has long been (and continues to be) the subject of conspiracy theories and many believe that this could be the hiding place of the government to hold secrets and research about aliens and UFOs.

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However, those who hoped to see alien life may not be worth «pushing» in Nevada, because according to statistics it ranks only 13th in the country in the number of observed unidentified flying objects. First on the list — Washington, the top five also includes Montana, Vermont, Alaska and Maine (Hello Stephen king!).

By the way, it is not known what exactly the «assault» plan the organizers of the event, but in one post on the page is a disclaimer of liability.

People really planning on storming Area 51 as if the government isn’t going to respond with these.

— Channighan (@Channighan) July 10, 2019

How ima suprise my girl when I come back from area 51

— Osho (@Osho24782826) July 12, 2019

Users vengeance joke in social networks, posting a photo of how they come back from Area 51 with alien aircraft or of how the government meets extraterrestrial intruders weapons.