Michelle Obama has headed a rating of the most revered women in the world, beating angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey

Former first lady Michelle Obama, who last year traveled all USA the autobiographical book «Becoming» (Becoming), topped the ranking of the most revered women in the world, beating angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey.

According to a new YouGov survey, the wife of Barack Obama also took up a position above Queen Elizabeth II (4th place) and Emma Watson (5 th place).

While last year’s winner of the title — the goodwill Ambassador for the UN Angelina Jolie — fell two positions down, and the leader and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey has risen from third to second.

In the first five men, the situation remains the same: the founder of Microsoft bill gates in the first place, the ex-President Barack Obama on the second, actor Jackie Chan on the third, President of the people’s Republic of China XI Jinping at the fourth and the founder of Alibaba Jack MA in the fifth.

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To define the lists polled more than 42 thousand people from 41 countries, according to the website YouGov. All the survey participants were asked only 1 question: «Thinking about people living in the world today, which [man or woman] do you most admire?»