As for the Tarantino film: Danny Trejo rescued the baby from the overturned in the Los Angeles machine

Unfortunately no camera captured the moment when popular Hollywood actor Danny Trejo played the best role in his life.

Danny Trejo tried on the role of a hero in real life when on Wednesday rescued the child after a traffic accident.

Actor known for his roles in such films as «From dusk till dawn», «spy Kids», «Machete» and «Jaguar», «Inferno» and «Predators», rushed to help the baby, who was trapped in the overturned car during a collision that occurred Wednesday in Los Angeles, according to TV station KABC.

Sam Trejo was outside the scene of the accident, but rushed to help the victims, told a reporter Veronica miracle.

One car in which your child’s car seat was child, according to reports, turned over and laid on the roof. Trejo and another caring person, a young girl, together rescued the baby. She first crawled into a damaged car, but could not unfasten the seat belt. So the young girl tried to get inside on the other side of the car and unbuckled the belt. Due to this, Trejo managed to release the child and pull him from the car.

«Hand on heart, the only thing that saved the baby, his car seat,» — said the actor.

Representatives of the fire brigade Los Angeles reported that the nearest hospital was delivered 3 people, but none of them had injuries that threatened his life.

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Trejo said that it seemed to him that one of the drivers could run a red light, but the cause of the incident has not yet been named officially.

Danny Trejo commented on his action: «Everything good that’s ever happened to me is a direct result of helping others. All».

Later, the reporter tweeted that the rescued baby was a child with special needs, and Trejo was involved in a child as long as his grandmother was not safe.