The reaction of men to fear the old lady downstairs in the shocked plane passengers

Passenger aircraft captured during a flight touching moment that made her cry, but it was «tears of happiness».

Megan Ashley from Arizona said that on July 29, she flew in from San Diego to Nashville and its location was near the 96-year-old woman who did not fly on a plane for 15 years. As explained by Megan, the woman asked the man sitting next to her, to hold her hand during takeoff because she is very scared.

The man refused the woman’s request and during take off he was holding the lady’s hand, and when the plane hit turbulence, a woman hugged a neighbor. Megan said that the man not only gladly answered the hug, but also helped the woman to calm down, explaining to her what’s going on. «He knew what to do for the duration of the flight,» said Ashley.

Ashley said that the man also helped her to get up to go to the bathroom and looked sympathetic when she walked down the aisle. «I was smiling during the whole flight, looking like he calms her down. This man was her angel during the entire trip,» wrote Megan.

When the aircraft landed, the stranger helped the old woman to take the bag off the plane and sit in a wheelchair. In addition, he stayed with his new friend until till I met her daughter. The elderly woman was so grateful to him that gave him a pretzel.

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This case has left an indelible mark on Ashley, who said that never and nothing touched her during the flight.

«I left with tears of happiness in their eyes, feeling gratitude for people like this wonderful man,» wrote Ashley. «Low bow to You for Your kind heart and concern for someone You’ve never met. I was never so moved during the flight. You lifted my spirits for the whole week».