The social network called the hero pilot who helped an elderly woman to get home with heavy shopping

One soldier of the military-air forces of the USA was called a local hero in Oklahoma for a ride home for an elderly woman with her shopping, seeing as she carries heavy bags on the busiest road in the baking heat.

Seventh Aug Jibril Jennings with the Tinker air force base noticed Janice Hall near Interstate 240, according to KWTV. The elderly woman came back from Walmart and her hands had pulled down the heavy shopping bags.

According to messages of weather forecasters, the day the temperature rose to almost 38 degrees, and Hall was definitely «hard» to carry their own weight more than 2 miles from her house.

Jennings, being in full combat readiness in his flight suit, had offered to drive the woman home, and she gladly accepted the offer.

Of course, the pilot could not know about it, but the driver of the other car, amber Roy started to shoot on video, as steam downloads the purchase of the old woman in the car Jennings.

The military, which serves as a radio operator, serving the aviation complex of radio-location and guidance, later told KWTV: «Given how fast moving cars, I didn’t think that someone is shooting. I didn’t even notice that next to me who-that is, until someone stopped, parked behind us and turned on the emergency lights while I helped load the shopping in the car. And as soon as I got in the car, the woman immediately started talking. She reminded me of my grandmother, she began to tell me about your day».

After the incident, Roy had to share this cute video of the scene on Facebook where it became viral and attracted more than 4 million viewers.

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Hall shared emotions of the military, agreeing that she, too, had no idea that they are removed. The woman admitted that she enjoys regular walking is from Walmart, as it helps her keep in shape. «I am just fine with the heat, it doesn’t bother me», she said. «I prefer the heat than the air conditioner».

Jibril quickly drove the woman to the house, where helped her to make the house all purchases. «This man was truly a sweet person, I just couldn’t believe it,» smiles Hall. «Then he walked here and help me to make a purchase.»

But that’s not all. Hall said that Jibril wants to ask friends from the air force to help him fix a broken Congress near the house of the old woman, to facilitate her life.

Users of social networks, of course, could not comment on a good man. «What a great example for others,» said one user on Facebook. «Well done. That’s what’s important in life. Stop to look around and help those who need it,» admired the second.