Grandma had never seen the mountains or the ocean, so the grandson and I decided to take it in each of the 61 national parks in the USA

Brad Ryan and his 89-year-old grandmother joy has already visited 29 of the national parks and not going to stop. They have plans to visit all 61 in the United States.

Their first destination was the national Park great smoky mountains in 2015. Since then, the grandmother and her grandson visited the Badlands, Yellowstone, Glaser, Yosemite, Joshua tree, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Mammoth cave Park.

Joey Ryan — 89. She lived a modest quiet life in Duncan falls (Ohio) — «a small town with two traffic lights,» says brad.

Ryan little traveled. Every winter with her husband, they traveled from Ohio to the Lake Okatibbee in Central Florida, but have never seen the ocean, mountains, sand dunes.

Her grandson also could not call myself an avid traveler who has not yet enrolled in College. His first big trip was on the Appalachian trail. Back, brad shared his experiences with his grandmother and she said she feels horrible that she has very little experience in such adventures. She would love to go camping, to look at those mountains, who had only seen on TV.

«She was 85 years old, she was sitting in his small house, widowed 20 years ago. Her two sons died at age 40. She worked all her life with the minimum wage and 80 barely making ends meet. She just did not have the extra money to do those things,» brad told NBC News.

The grandson wanted to help grandma to see the world and all its diversity, but the final decision to travel came after the tragedy at last year of training. One of brad’s classmates committed suicide, and it literally forced him to rethink life. Now he was looking at it from a different angle, he felt he urgently needs to fill the void inside, and wanted to share this experience with my grandmother.

Joy in recent years was struggling with leukemia and suffered several serious pneumonia. While she recovered, the grandson realized that she wanted until later, give grandma an unforgettable experience of adventure.

So they went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It wasn’t just the first trip, but first time in my life joy, when she camped out, camped under the stars and climbed the mountain, despite his age.

Inspired by the successful experience, the travelers decided to stay and continue exploring the national parks of the United States. Grandson is collecting funds for a trip to the GoFundMe page and keeps a detailed photo-diary of their adventures to Instagram.

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Brad says he will never forget how grandma was rolling down a sand dune in his 87, and as they stood several hours in a traffic jam in Yellowstone because bison herd, watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon. They have traveled 25 thousand miles in the last three and a half years and visited 38 States.

Grandmother and grandson plan to visit all the national parks to the birthday joy in 2020, when she turns 90.

Joy has always been distinguished positive Outlook on life, no matter what test didn’t throw her fate. Waking up each morning she says: thank you for another day. Brad says he now looks around grandma’s eyes. Every time joy in his age sees another unforgettable landscape, she realizes that he sees this is the first and last time.

A lot of people responded to the request to help to realize the dream of an elderly woman who wants to live life to the fullest.

Joy and brad meet on the way different fellow travelers and get acquainted with other travellers. The guy says that their history often touches the hearts of others, but he absolutely did not expect that you will meet a number of those who regrets that he went on a journey with grandma or grandpa while they were alive.

Their next trip — to Hawaii and Alaska. And grandma joy wants to jump with a parachute.