How much will a visit to the Burning Man festival?

Burning Man is the world’s largest arts festival and radical self-expression held annually in the desert of black Rock in Nevada. This is really one of the most visited events, but before you sit behind the wheel and head to Nevada, you should know how much will it cost a trip to Burning Man.

The sum of all costs for a 9 day stay in Nevada is very varied. The average amount per week at the festival in 2018 amounted to $1500. But some managed to stay within $250. And of course about 8% of visitors spent more than $5000.

«I didn’t have too much expenditure for the first time,» said Scooter Marriner, who has already visited 14 times at the festival for his 56 years. Marriner attended the first in the history of Burning Man was held on Baker beach in San Francisco in 1986. Since then, things have changed, but Mariner still finds ways to save money.

The main point of the list of expenses is the ticket, the cost of which this year amounted to $ 425, not including a Parking ticket of $100. Tickets for people with limited income is available for $210.

The most obvious way to get to the festival — just buy a ticket, you can also join one of the many groups as a volunteer. Volunteers are needed during the installation of the sculpture or the construction of housing, they usually give the tickets for free or at a large discount in return for aid. Anyway, to get to Burning Man, you need a ticket.

An example of a frugal budget for the festival from Marriner:

  • Travel: $50 , using hitchhiking.
  • Accommodation: $90 per room after the festival to take a shower and sleep.
  • Food: Marriner not spending money on food because he eats the same thing at the festival that at home. He cooks in advance and freezes.
  • Costumes: about $100 a year. Most of the costumes of Marriner he uses for another purpose. For example, the mantle of Harry Potter now his dressing gown.
  • Equipment: $100 for replacement of tarpaulin and some cords in the tent and also to buy a small refrigerator for snacks.
  • Costs themed camps: $250 for materials to create items of decorative art and items for the camp.

In total, the festival in 2019 will cost Marinero about $1 015 , which is considered a very economical budget. He also advises to buy all the necessary equipment in thrift stores or to borrow.

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«A lot of things doesn’t exactly make the festival better,» he said.

But not always it turns out to save as Marriner. This year, 25-year-old Holly Baxter go at Burning Man from Cornwall, England. At its first festival in 2017, she spent about 1630 dollars, including a discount ticket. Her biggest expense was the flight: about $ 660 round-trip.

She stressed that the budget increased due to unexpected costs. In 2017, the car of her companions broke down on the side of the road when they were leaving the festival, with the result that they one night stayed at the hotel in Reno and paid for the tow.