«My baby monitor haunted»: parents share stories about the «paranormal» guests

One night over a month ago Natalie Wallace was lying in bed, when I looked at the monitor baby monitors. She saw bunches of pink and purple color around the cot. The color was supposed to indicate movement, but her child was fast asleep.

A few days later, Natalie, who helps to manage a large company in Los Angeles, came home and found the kitchen something shocked husband. He showed her a screenshot of humanoid figures that appeared on the monitor monitors. She hovered around the baby, who slept on the second floor. After a while they saw something resembling an entire family of ghostly figures, bent over the crib.

New technologies are more afraid of parents than calm them. For many, this is just the plot for a Hollywood movie, but for young parents fear is real, even if paranormal figures – no.

Lawrence Balter, Professor of applied psychology from new York University explained that it is natural when young parents worry about the welfare of children. These fears can lead to conclusions that go beyond what people really see. «If you weren’t nervous, you probably wouldn’t have made such a conclusion,» he explains. «Would you say that this is a mistake of technique. But when you are nervous and worried about the baby, you can come to the less logical conclusions».

As commented in the company that produces these videos and baby enjoyed Natalie? Gary Macmath, head of sales, first of all said that the monitor was placed on the Cabinet and not mounted on a crib as needed. «When the camera is installed correctly, the computer will focus on the movements of the child.» He added that the system tries to detect motion in the baby’s bedroom to focus on him and the ghosts can be different points of the movement, for example, lighting, shadows or moving from the wind curtains. «I hope this clarifies the issue,» he added.

To be honest, not really. The fact is that in the baby’s room Natalie no curtains, only wooden blinds. In addition, slight movement on the monitor appear in the form of small balls, not humanoid figures. Mr. Macmath failed to provide relevant pictures to support his theory, but was forced to admit that the company has already received several calls and emails from parents, faced with a similar phenomenon.

In the end, Natalie had just turned off the motion sensor baby monitors and just use the audio to hear when the baby cries.

Adrianna Wright of Brooklyn, new York, the owner of a PR Agency, vacationing in the evening with my husband when the application associated with the monitor, told them about the movement in the baby’s room. «We thought, «Please don’t Wake up»»,- said the woman. «I looked at the monitor and saw that the closet door is open». She asked her husband but he denied that he opened the door. They rewound the video and saw the Cabinet door opened in the child’s room itself.

The video shows that from the opened door looked thin baby blanket. Could this be enough to open the closet door?

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Joshua Warren, investigates paranormal phenomena in Asheville, North Carolina, said: «the Difficulty with analysing such things is that you need to work with what we have. And I want to say that there’s probably some more likely explanation, and we should not rush to conclusion that this is something paranormal.»

Despite the assurances of experts, the Ghost visited her daughter at least another time. A few nights ago Adrianna was watching TV when he heard a loud slammed the door in his daughter’s room. She went to check on her and found the door ajar, and his daughter sleeping soundly. She looked at the shot of the monitors and saw a white object flying across the room at the time, when she heard the door slam.

Interestingly, not all scared of what they see on the monitor baby monitors.

Ali Levine, a stylist from Los Angeles, working with celebrities, seen white orbs floating around the crib. The skeptics debunk these visions, as the reflection of light from dust on the camera lens. Ali does not believe it. She explained that the balls of her calm, and she likes to think of them as a sign that someone was watching over her daughter Amelia.

«I named my daughter after my grandmother,» said Ali. «That’s probably why it’s my grandmother watching over, so she was safe.»