Brave father defended the family with his bare hands, throwing himself at the wolf who climbed up to him in a tent in the Rocky mountains

Eliza Rispoli of new Jersey said on Facebook as her family in the night was attacked by a ferocious wolf in the campground Banff National Park in the Rocky mountains.

The family slept in the tent, when suddenly there was a break wolf.

The woman writes that it was like a horror movie. Husband of Eliza rushed to the wolf, to protect her and two sons. While a fierce animal carried the tent, Matt tried to catch him, but the wolf bit the man’s hands. The family began to scream and call for help. Eliza thought the nightmare lasted forever.

«We called for help while he wrestled with the wolf, trying to save us. I thought it lasted forever, although in reality it took less than 3 minutes. I covered a boys and Matt pinned the wolf to the ground while his open mouth was the hand of Matt».

The wolf began to drag her husband of Eliza out of the tent while the woman was desperately clutching at the feet of Matt. She says she can’t even describe the horror that seized her.

Fortunately, nearby was the «angel»: canadian from a neighboring tent heard the screams and rushed to help. Russ saw the wolf trying to get out of the tent something that is similar to bone, and only then realized that the beast drags the hand of man. Then he kicked the wolf and he released Matt. Matt covered in blood rushed out of the tent together men began to throw stones at the animal and shout to scare him off. In the end, the family Rispoli along with his family Russ took refuge in their minivan.

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As soon as help arrived, Matt went to the hospital to treat puncture and laceration of the hands and wrists, left by the predator. They are all scared, but fine, writes Eliza.

Eliza is grateful to her husband, who bravely rushed to rescue his family and the good Samaritan who came to their aid and saved the life of Matt.

John Stewart-Smith, the Department of wildlife to Parks Canada, said it was the first such incident in the national Park. The wolf attacked the family Rispoli, found and put to sleep after he matched his DNA with samples from the wounds of the victim. The animal was old and in very poor condition, almost on the verge of death. This is likely due to its unusual behavior.