Gotcha! The girl hid in the trunk of a guy to destroy «two-faced» friend… and caught her without pants

The girl told how he hid in the trunk of the car to catch him off guard, his «two-faced» friend who was trying to steal her boyfriend.

Samantha Grimalsky (18) from Michigan was devastated when I found out that one of her friends sent her 19-year-old Jacob in a playful social media messages. But when a friend sent Jacob a message, inviting me to pick her up in his car, it was the last straw for Samantha. Together the pair devised a plan, Samantha will be able to hide in the trunk of the car Jacob to see how far I could go, her friend really is.

«I wanted to see how far she’d go and she would try to do with my guy behind closed doors,» said Samantha. «So my boyfriend suggested I get in the trunk 3 blocks from her house. I did so and he locked me in the car, and then drove up to her house».

«We moved the seat, so I can hear, but the sounds were muted. I heard opened and closed the door, and then she screamed «Jacob». It seemed to me that she drank, but as I later learned, she was completely sober. I was in shock. I heard she said «You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this with you». My boyfriend didn’t want too delve into this topic and said something like «Huh? Ha, go on.» He was just trying to make it more to compromise himself, because he knew that I write everything down».

«Then Jacob pretended that he needed to «find the condom» in the trunk. He opened it so I could get out and sit in the back seat. It was so funny, the way she looked at me and said, «Hello, Samantha.» We were in the Parking lot in the middle of the night – where, in her opinion, I could take?»

Samantha added that while she was out of the trunk, her partner had already pulled his shorts to his knees.

Then Jacob took the girls to McDonald’s, where girlfriend Samantha was waiting for a tough conversation.

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«I told her «what are you doing, disgusting, and I don’t like what you said to Jacob, not only knowing that we are together, but still live together. We’re in a serious relationship, and you acted like it didn’t matter, and your desires are more important than friends»».

In its defense, the girl tried to argue that he does not understand, about what speech.

Samantha explained that I became friends with a girl a year and a half ago, because they have a lot of mutual friends and they always met in different places. However, Samantha says that when she met Jacob, a friend told her «Lucky for you, he’s cute.» Then it just seemed a little strange. But the latest incident showed not only that man is her friend, but what kind of man her boyfriend.

«This is the first time in our relationship there is a problem, so I’m glad he at once showed me that she is trying to communicate with him. It showed me that he is an honest man. It was the best outcome of the situation. I do not limit it in any way. I don’t check his phone. He has a girlfriend, with whom he’s just friends, and I do not mind».