Survival story: pilot and passenger of plane that crashed in the ocean, filmed everything that happened to them

The pilot, 34-year-old David Lesh took a series of incredible videos about how he and his friend Kyle survived after August 20, his plane fell into the ocean near Half Moon Bay (CA).

«We were going to fly over the Golden Gate bridge on a tour of the Bay,» — said David ABC7 News about his plans.

David said that he bought his Beechcraft Bonanza a few weeks ago. According to the man, the plane crashed because they lost all power, and he failed to run again.

Friend Alex Owen Leipelt piloted the lead plane, filmed the moment when the engine of the new plane failed, and he fell into the water. Owen warned the US coast guard about the incident.

«There was no strike. We were in a full order, — says David. Immediately opened the door. I grabbed my phone, took something to sail, and we were standing on the wing while the plane was flying. About 30-40 seconds.»

David recorded the moment when he and Kyle stood on the wing of the aircraft. After the ship sank, he continued the video.

«What was really amazing is the fact that the scene was another aircraft that responded quickly, said Lieutenant Joshua Murphy. — He went to air traffic control and knew how to contact the agent airborne coast guard and quickly lead us to the place.»

David and Kyle had been in the water for about 40 minutes, and the whole time they were filming his unusual experience. In the video they seem fun, treating the incident with humor. But soon the man began to complain of the cold and jellyfish.

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«After about 20 minutes I was pretty much freezing, — said David. — Jellyfish stinging us all the time while we were there.»

#NEW Excuse the language, BUT moments before this video was taken, these two went down with their plane. Incredible!

No injuries, other than a few jellyfish stings.

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Owen said he was never so nice to hear the voice of David on the phone when he called him after 10 minutes.

Lesh continued to record as a team saved him and Kyle, returning them safely to earth. Both were taken to station U.S. coast guard at the international airport in San Francisco.

#NEW video of David Lesh»s rescue. @USCG says, “What was truly amazing about tonight was there was another aircraft on-scene that quickly responded.” Lesh»s friend circled the two until help arrived. Talk about teamwork. #abc7now

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«As awful as it was, it could be worse, said petty officer Micol Sullivan in an interview with ABC7 News. — It was really a miracle.»