San Francisco has banned plastic water bottles

Travelers departing or arriving at the airport of San Francisco can no longer buy water in plastic bottles. The ban on the sale of water in disposable plastic containers was introduced by the airport authority for reasons of preservation of the environment.

«We are the first airport which introduced such changes in the United States. We are in the forefront of the industry and want to expand my horizons initiatives in the field of sustainable development,» — said the official representative of the SFO Doug jaeckel.

Jaeckel advised passengers traveling through the airport to be aware of innovations and to take out of the house empty metal or glass bottles. They will be free to fill them in one of the 100 fountains located in all parts of the SFO. Also, you can buy water in glass bottles in local stores or purchase a soda at her, the ban on plastic, not covered.

San Francisco is not the first airport, which was to fight the environmentally unfriendly plastic. Last year, the airport of Seattle banned the use of disposable dishes of polluting material in their eateries.

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