Can you determine what is wrong with this bedroom? The girl showed photos of the new room, but her mother noticed in the picture an unexpected accessory

The girl told how my mother sent a photo of his new bedroom, but forgot to hide something that she could show that the mother wasn’t looking.

Ella told me that she was very happy with my new stylish bathroom supplemented by a bed with a wooden headboard, so when her mom asked me to send her a photo of the room, the daughter was happy to fulfill the request.

But she made a critical mistake and hid hanging from the bed cuffs, presumable used for sexual entertainment.

moms been asking for pics of my new room… finally sent one… I’m so stupid

— ella martine (@ella_vdm) August 17, 2019

In his tweet, which commented on has thousands of users and shared by 27 thousand times, a California resident wrote: «my Mom wanted pictures of my new room…and I finally sent the…I am so stupid».

She put one answer mom: «Nice. In addition to handcuffs. What’s the catch?» Users of social networks have decided that it is hilarious, saying that mom knew exactly what hints.

Ella, who in addition to his studies and music, tried to assure the mother that the handcuffs were for «short» girlfriend, but it only whetted her mother, who said that they look «tacky» and demanded to remove them as soon as possible.

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Users of social networks admitted that Ella is not the only one who was in a similar situation. One woman told her Twitter, writing: «My mother came to help us with house cleaning when I was pregnant. When she was cleaning up in the bedroom, he saw on the floor braces for the hands and feet. Needless to say, she was not surprised that I got pregnant so quickly after the wedding.»

Someone said the detective abilities of the mother of the girl and said: «Always double check the work before sending». «Oh, no, never leave evidence,» laughed the commentators.

Someone else resourceful cited another possible reason for the appearance of handcuffs in the back of the bed: «you Need to stop yourself walking in a dream».