The bride gave a hopelessly sick grandmother’s wedding photo shoot, knowing what the not meant to go on her holiday

When Tara Foley planned their long-awaited wedding in Austin, Texas, she knew that the most valuable member of the family will not be around her grandmother.

Stasiya Foley, 102-year-old grandmother of Tara was in a hospice in Naples, Florida.

Although Stasiya admitted to nurses that would like to attend the wedding ceremony of the granddaughter, they told her that they were sorry, but she won’t take flight because of her age and weak heart. This news upset the two women because they had long existed a special bond.

Tara Foley, who was the only Stacie granddaughter, said her grandmother lived during the great depression and worked while her husband fought during the Second world war. «She saw babe Ruth played baseball at Yankee stadium Stadium. She always inspired me,» he told ABC News Tara. «We lived very close. My whole family grew up in Connecticut, so we regularly visited her. When we moved to Texas, she traveled at least 2 times a year. They came to visit us here in Texas. That is, it has always been a very important part of my life. We definitely had a very special relationship».

Tara knew that her beloved grandmother will not be able to attend the wedding in June, so I decided to visit her in January. «I knew that the trip to her was the best thing I could do to fulfill her wish,» said Tara.

But she came not alone, and not with empty hands.

Although her dress was not yet completely finished, Tara took it with him to grandma could see her in a wedding gown. Then, with the help of hair and make-up, both took part in a professional photo shoot in Fort Myers, Florida. «I felt closer to her than ever before,» he told Tara. «We seemed to have forgotten about the cameras and just laughed and smiled at each other.»

«Words can’t describe what these moments mean to me, and I will treasure these memories the rest of your life. Her smile and her laughter will forever remain in my memory and love will live in my heart. It was one of the best days of my life,» she wrote in a post shared already 536000 people who care. «She touched my cheeks, looked me straight in the eye and said «I love you»».

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Tara told us that she decided not to tell family and friends about the trip to grandma’s, then to surprise them.

Stasiya Foley died in 27 days after the photo shoot.

«Although she was 102 years old and she lived a very, very long and full life, not easy for someone to lose,» admits Tara. «It’s a blessing that she was for many years in my life.»

In June, the day of the wedding Matthew leopard Tara shared the photos with family. «They were in a state of shock and disbelief. Just immediately began to cry. They were overwhelmed with emotions and very surprised,» she said. «It’s a lot for all meant».

Tara told us that he gave one photograph inserted into the frame, daughter Stacey, and the second – their parents.