On 79-m to year of life has died the strongman, two-time Mr. Olympia and actor Franco Colombo

The legendary bodybuilder, two-time Mr. Olympia and actor Franco Columbo died at the age of 78 years.

On 79-m to year of life has died the strongman, two-time Mr. Olympia and actor Franco ColomboFranco Colombo. Source: flickr

As reported by the newspaper La Nuova, bodybuilder Italian origin, died on Friday, August 30, floating off the coast of his native Sardinia. According to preliminary data, the actor drowned.

Before Colombo got into the Hall of fame of bodybuilding and fitness in 2001, he appeared in such Hollywood blockbusters as «Conan the barbarian», «Terminator» and «Running man», where he starred as a longtime friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

«I’m devastated today. But I’m also very grateful for 54 years of friendship and joy that we shared. Pumping, chess, construction, food, jokes, life-lessons — we did everything together. We’ve grown and learned and we loved. My life was fun, colorful and fuller thanks to you,» wrote Schwarzenegger about the deceased friend.

The actors met in 1965 in Germany, where Colombo moved to do pauerliftingom. Soon, Schwarzenegger and Colombo become best friends and go together to conquer the United States.

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Tweet former Governor of California wrote that I will never forget the twinkle in the eyes of man, «which never disappeared».

In recent years Colombo has been a nutritionist and chiropractor in Los Angeles.