The lovers rush to get married before the paid venue of the ceremony in Florida will be devastated by hurricane Dorian

While millions of people are preparing for hurricane Dorian and change their plan, one pair and was forced to change his plans and hurry up with their wedding which was already planned and paid for.

Sunday was supposed to be a special day for Ben Koseba and his future wife Betsy. However, on Friday, numerous computer models have demonstrated that Dorian will be close to the beach just outside their space to conduct a marriage ceremony on the morning of the wedding.

Before approaching him with Jupiter, in which he planned his wedding the young people went completely blank. The city, which usually a lot of people, cars and boats, so that the batter standing on the dock that they cannot squeeze through, shocking his appearance now. Now it is hardly possible to find not that boat, but even a parked car. «A couple of weeks ago, it was so crowded that we had to Park on the grass, for which we received a warning from the police,» — said the couple who decided to enjoy a nice walk on the boat before the hurricane.

But if it doesn’t seem unusual to you, what would you say about a couple who came to town specifically to celebrate their wedding? They definitely had to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

«Because of our good friend Dorian, who was not invited to the wedding, guests will not be able to come Sunday due to the hurricane…», — joked Betsy. However, despite some difficulties, they managed to perform a miracle and bring the family, friends and people who served the feast on a day earlier than planned.

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On Friday, family members of the pair boarded a half-empty planes, trying to adjust their plans for the wedding, but, as told to young people, everyone’s mood is on top.

«I would say that we all have great spirits,» — said on Friday Bobby kodd, the best man of the groom, who flew in for the ceremony from Michigan to help friends. «Most people try to move their flights on Sunday and Monday, and at the moment it seems that everything is possible.»