Malinois Belgian shepherd in awe of the monarch butterfly, sat down on her nose (video)

Maybe there are no safe havens for species on the verge of becoming endangered, but the luxurious monarch butterfly or just monarch butterfly obviously knew that to land on the nose of Belgian shepherd Malinois wasn’t such a bad idea.

Dog breed Belgian Malinois sitting in the field when a monarch butterfly landed on her nose. Surprisingly, the dog let the colorful insect peacefully flapping wings, creating a beautiful interspecies relationship.

The monarch butterfly is known as one of the most unknown species of butterflies in North America. However, the number of butterflies in the last 2 decades is so strongly reduced that the representatives of the service of protection of fish resources and wild animals of the United States warned that soon this species may be under threat of extinction.

However, this particular monarch butterfly absolutely not risk landing on the nose of the dog.

As noted by Animal Planet, the Belgian Malinois – a breed favored by the military and law enforcement agencies. Elegant dogs that weigh an average 40-80 pounds, and was named in honor of the city where they were first bred: Malines or Mechelen in Belgium.

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Summary these dogs involves finding bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as effective service along with the military United States Navy Seals — a major tactical unit of the special operations Forces of the U.S. Navy. By the way, rumor has it that one of them was accompanied by a special forces team who killed Osama bin Laden.

However, the friendliness of the breed is also not refuse, and this video is a vivid example. Given how calm the dog responds to his winged visitor, it seems that this couple made in heaven.