Bride stuck in a traffic jam and were ready to cancel the celebration, when her rescue came the officers to the police

This bride managed to impress on their wedding day, appearing in a police car with siren.

Kathy Davis almost missed the ceremony after the accident on the highway resulted in a large tube. Katie (24 years old) had to go to the altar at 15:00. But her dreams of a beautiful wedding almost crashed on the reality that because of the incident on the road blocked the whole route, which she and her mother never had time for the celebration.

Katie, who had become the wife of Thomas Ryan, said: «I left home at 14:15, allowing for traffic, but when we drove up to the main road, the car was not moving at all.»

Frustrated that she miss her own wedding, the groom’s brother, Cyan, appealed to the police for help. He called the police and explained what was happening. Luckily, the officers were good, they jumped in his patrol car to come to the rescue of the bride.

Katie, dressed in a white wedding dress and veil, crossed 2 lanes to get in the car to the police. She said that motorists stuck in traffic, couldn’t believe my eyes when she ran from one machine to another in your dress. Katie recalls: «When the officers arrived, I had to cross two lanes of traffic. People got out of the cars, filming and photographing me, and cheering and shouting greetings.»

Officers brought the girl and her mother to the wedding, including loud sirens, hurrying to deliver the bride to the altar.

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CYANOGEN, who asked police for help, admitted that he couldn’t believe it when Cathy appeared on a police car. He said: «It was emotional. This is the story that we will never forget. I could hear the approaching sirens and then saw her. I heard about weddings, with which the police took away the guests, but never heard that they were brought».

Wedding Katie and Ryan were to be the last that day, and despite the promise the staff that they wait, relatives and friends of the couple were afraid that the holiday will have to cancel. But Katie was finally able to arrive, and the staff has kept his promise by marrying them.

Katie, now Mrs. Thomas, thanked the officers for their assistance. She said, «I will be forever grateful police officer Emma Thomas who helped me. She’s amazing. Our police are fantastic.»