American in the Philippines the airport was trying to smuggle in carry-on baggage of a newborn baby

The U.S. citizen was arrested in the Philippines after she tried to smuggle the six day of the child on the flight in hand Luggage.

43-year-old Jennifer Talbot was preparing to Board a plane bound for the United States from Manila, when the airport staff at terminal 3 found the baby in her pouch. It is established that the boy is about 6 days.

The woman claimed that she is the aunt of the child, but could not provide any documents confirming any family connection, as well as a passport for the child.

The Department for combating human trafficking the National Bureau of investigation Philippines took under its control the case. According to preliminary information, the woman will be charged with child trafficking.

According to the head of the Department of immigration ports of Philippines, Grifton Medina, a newborn boy is now in the custody of the Department of social security. Authorities are trying to figure out how he got to the American. Herself Talbot said that there will be nothing to say to see the American Consul.

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This is not the first case of a child smuggled in the bag.

So, in March 2016, was discovered the baby hidden in carry-on baggage of a passenger on Board the flight Istanbul-Paris.

One of the passengers saw a «stir» in the bag and alerted flight attendants. Those asked the woman to open the bag and found the baby.

The French government then said that the woman was arrested upon arrival at the airport of a name of Charles de Gaulle. Most likely, the child was trying to bring to Western Europe for illegal adoption.