Diver with nerves of steel shared a video where the octopus swims in his mouth

In the network appeared a strange video in which a small octopus decided to look into a diver’s mouth.

This is a very unexpected moment, when a small octopus trying to get inside the mouth of the diver at the time while he swims underwater. This August Shane brown was in the popular diving location of Oahu in Hawaii when he was struck by an unplanned inspection of the oral cavity. Small octopus decided to get Shane in the mouth, and then jumped back out. As the young man said later, first, the octopus was crawling on his face, and then decided to find out what’s going on in his mouth.

The video begins with Shane shoots himself, demonstrating what a refuge found a small octopus. Shane takes on the video, like the tentacles of an octopus sticking out of his mouth, while the rest of his body remains inside. Then the diver slightly opens mouth when the octopus starts to climb out of his hiding place back into the ocean. Once again the animal freely swam in the ocean, Shane smiled at the camera.

Shane later commented on the video: «First he climbed up on my face, and then climbed in his mouth. Maybe he was nervous because of some predator nearby. Once it got into my mouth, I began shooting. I was a little worried that he will behave dramatically and hurt the pores and skin in your mouth, but it was very neat. He was inside, in fact, a couple of seconds. I guess he realized that would not be safe, if I were a predator».

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The octopus did not look frightened by the prospect of becoming a snack from seafood to Shane, but rather interested in the strange human creature, trapped in his underwater Kingdom. The same can be said about Shane. When sea creatures crawled in his mouth, he quietly began filming the video while anyone else in his place would be terribly panicked.

Finally, an overly friendly octopus behind Shane, to explore the leg of another diver.