New trend? People skin of the deceased to save as a picture

People are trying to preserve the memory of the dead in many different ways. But there is a new, which someone goose bumps run up on the skin, a way to remember those who have died, preserving their skin with a tattoo so that it can be inserted in a frame and admire.

It is engaged in this father and son from Ohio – the owners of the funeral home. Their office is in Northfield, Ohio.

The idea developed by Michael Sherwood and his son, Kyle, began many years ago when they were out drinking with friends. One friend recently lost her father and admitted the couple would like to keep his tattoo. Kyle Sherwood says: «Being a guy friends are turning on issues associated with death, we first did.» But their friend was serious, and the father with the son pondered.

Kyle continues: «given the fact that tattoos mean to people, why not save them after death? People put ashes in urns on the fireplace and visiting with the stones with the names of the deceased on them. Why don’t you keep as a memory tattoo?»

Finally, Survudi created a business that gives people the opportunity to keep the tattoo as paintings.

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As Kyle explains, this is a complex and long process that takes 3 to 4 months. Here’s how it works: first, the tattoo is surgically cut from the body to the funeral home within 72 hours after death. This can be done before or after embalming. Then with the remote skin appeal «with the same respect that is evident in every part of the funeral process.» Finally, some of the skin with the tattoo is drawn in a frame and will be able to take its place on the wall of the family.

Survudi don’t work with the tattoos on the face and intimate parts of the body. They make the tattoo only as a picture on the wall. They said that already rejected requests to make leather book covers or lampshades. «We help families and fulfill their last wishes. We are not trying to create a strange show.»

Men say that met with a negative response, in most cases from the conservative members of society. Some have compared Servadou with a known serial killer ed Gina, who dug up bodies from graves and did trophies, including lamp shades from their skin and bones. Others admitted that Survudi reminded them of the character Buffalo bill from silence of the lambs, who murdered women and leather wanted to make the costume.

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But negative comments don’t bother Kyle, who says: «We are worried only about the family. Who am I to tell them how to remember the deceased? Many very conservative people in principle don’t agree with tattoos and don’t understand what they mean to people.»