Viral picture in which the dog was scared for his favorite toy in the washing machine, turned out to be a photoshop

The network is gaining popularity funny photo taken at the right moment.

It is better one time to see it than a hundred times to hear it, because you will never believe that the dog may very humanly stared eyes, fearing for his favorite toy, which was placed in the washing machine.

However, if you don’t believe that this is possible, you would be right, because the wonderful photo of a dog with bulging, terrified eyes was, in fact, processing in Photoshop. That original photo has confirmed that the horror on the face of the dog sitting near the working machine, was a fake.

On the original, unprocessed photograph shows a dog named Gracie and her favorite chew toy, which rotates in the drum of the washing machine.

The owner of the animal Jessica Bernhard (48 years) said that burst out laughing when he noticed a surprised expression on the face of his 7-year-old dog breed Golden Retriever and made the first shot. However, she obviously seemed not enough, and thus, on the face Gracie appeared stressed a surprised expression.

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As demonstrated by the original photo, the eyes Gracie look pretty is usually for the outside observer. But in the picture, treated in a special program, the animal has a huge, advanced, terrified eyes, just like humans. Photo processed in Photoshop, added an exaggeratedly wide eyes human animal to create a sense of awe that her favorite toy is spinning in the washing machine.

Actually, Photoshop has been linked a photo of Gracie and the human eye to give a snapshot of a dog close to human expression.

Jessica shared a photo processed «shocked» face of the dog on Instagram, and it quickly became viral, gathering more than 4000 likes and comments.