The guy tried to draw his dog and his sketch was spot on

You never know what will become viral in the post modern world. For months can create the perfect post which will not cause the social networks are no emotions. And you can make a quick drawing of his funny dog, and blow up the Internet.

Since then, the family took him from a shelter 6 years ago, Stanley has always been a funny dog. He loves to run around with another dog, which the family took from a shelter, and sing songs with his master. So the owners quickly realized that being with him, it’s impossible not to laugh at his antics.

«He’s a real sucker,» he told the owner of Stanley, J. Cartner. «Wall doesn’t run, he gallops. If you scratch it with both hands, he screams because he wants you to scratch his third, and possibly fourth hand.»

Cartner makes drawings for 25 years, and sometimes trying to answer a personal challenge and to draw their very expressive and active dogs. Stanley is a particularly interesting object, and recently, Carter has decided to transfer with funny pictures some of the photos of Stanley.

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«I had a crazy day at work, so I did some very fast, very ridiculous sketches Stanley, to laugh and to help yourself relax,» explains Carter.

The result is stunning.

Honestly, pictures of Stanley steel, probably the best work men, and thousands of people seem to agree with that. Cartner, of course, just had fun when drawing, and had no idea that they are so like people. But as soon as he posted them online, that’s exactly what happened.

«I thought they were someone else might like it, but I did not expect that they will become so popular,» admits the man. Now he draws not only his dogs but also other people’s Pets.

And what about Stanley? He tries not to let fame go to his head. But of course, it will continue to be the most cute and funny dog, so in the future will certainly see many of his drawings, which will be equally incredible.