Her husband stood 6 hours in flight, so that my wife could lie down and sleep. Some said it was incredibly sweet, others incredibly stupid

Photo of a man standing in the aisle of the plane, while his wife is asleep in the three seats became viral, barely appeared on Twitter. The author of the viral post Courtney Leigh Johnson called it «true love.»

«If this is love I prefer to be alone,» — wrote in response to one of the users.

The majority of the community did not appreciate the romance of the moment. On the contrary, in the comments many people condemn a woman for «selfishness» and regrets her «weak and stupid companion.»

Some expressed doubts about the authenticity of the story. Usually, they said, flight attendants are not happy even when the passengers rise from their seats for a few minutes during the flight. It is unlikely that the man allowed 6 hours to block passage. According to critical readers, the crew was obliged to remind the sufferer who wants to fly standing on safety measures on Board.

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This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love. pic.twitter.com/Vk9clS9cCj

— Courtney Lee Johnson (@courtneylj_) September 6, 2019

However, there were also those who considered the man a feat, an example of dedication, love and care.

«We don’t know the whole story. — wrote one of the users — Perhaps the woman was ill.»

But most wondered, why do we need such a sacrifice, if you can just lie on the lap of his husband.