«Stupidity in a nice wrapper»: popular bloggers alerted the social network new extreme the

Adventurous couple that is already criticized for a photo in which a girl was hanging off the edge of an infinity pool in Bali, has now shared another «dangerous» picture – but this time she hung on the edge of a cliff.

On the last risky shot American travel bloggers Kelly Castell (33) and Cody workman (32) from Louisiana and Michigan, respectively, pose incredibly high over the lagoon, Umantay in Peru. In the photo Kelly’s hanging boldly from the rock, one foot resting against the stone while her holds her boyfriend Cody, sitting on the edge of a cliff.

In previous times a couple has justified his controversial photo, but this time they were again criticized for the fact that putting your life in danger.

«The world is waiting for you. For those who want to see you live a quiet and passive life, is open, clean the tracks,» was written under the photo. «We encourage you to use the chance to push the barriers of negativity and oppression of self-realization and to paint a picture of who you want to be. Never let anyone tell you how to live, those who are afraid to live by himself. There is a difference between risk to life and risk to live life. We know which side we prefer, and you?»

The photo led to violent disputes in the comments, and many have described the actions of the pair «dangerous» and «stupid.»

«Incredibly stupid, what are you doing this to get people’s attention… it’s the stupidity of the millennial generation,» wrote one user of the social network. Another asked: «do You really think that to motivate others to risk their lives – the right idea? Do you think that you have written deep lyrics! I think they’re stupid.» Someone else said: «PR nonsense in a beautiful wrapper!»

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Others have criticized Cody for what greater risk is assuming his girlfriend. «Please note that the guy is not doing anything dangerous. He forces a woman to take all the risk himself. Wow. A real man». However, Kelly responded to the criticism, saying that the stunt was her idea. «Maybe because I make my own decisions and wanted to make this the»,- she wrote.

Of course, many stood up for the couple, noting that they can make their own decisions whether to make a dangerous picture.

«If they want to make a similar picture, albeit they are not children and can make their own decisions,» wrote someone in the protection pair.

The last shot appeared a few months after the photos taken in the Jungle Kayon Resort in Ubud (Bali) on April 3, where Kelly was hanging from the edge of the pool. Then the pair proved that they were «very slow and careful», adding that they were not afraid, because «fully trust each other.»

Kelly assured followers: «me and Cody were wonderful. We fully trust each other. It was such a great feeling to do everything as we planned. We are whole and healthy.»