Mother-in-law gradually showed the bride an obscene gesture during the wedding photo shoot

Brides don’t always get along with future in-law. There are many examples. But one mother of the groom just couldn’t hold back his feelings about women, whom he decided to marry her son. So she decided to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the obscene gesture in her direction. But not just so, and the traditional photos taken after the ceremony.

This photo was shared on Imgur. One of the older guests at the wedding, presumably the mother of the groom, posing with a pair of newlyweds and other family members. Other guests smile for the camera, but with my mother in law girls had other plans. Dressed in a blue tunic, which was obviously an idea at a wedding because the color of the clothes of the other guests meet him, mother-in-law is also smiling broadly. At first glance you might think that it is very cute and even a few standard picture taken after the wedding ceremony. However, look a little closer and you will realize that it is not so typical as one might think.

One of the women posing for the camera, doing it gradually, but clearly, it shows obscene gesture to the bride’s side, while smiling broadly at the camera. Interestingly, the bride is just a couple of steps from her mother in law and don’t have a clue. Other wedding guests surrounding her in the picture, it seems also have no idea about her actions. Moreover, this gesture noticed only after a special day of a young couple.

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After that, the photo was posted on Imgur, where it was watched by almost 6 thousand times. Of course, the names of all participants on the wedding photos were not disclosed, but it is obvious that the picture became viral. Especially users of the site liked it, so imperceptible at first glance gesture.

Honestly, it’s hard to even imagine as a mother-in-law will be able to explain it all. Perhaps the spasm of the finger, which she tried to pull?