During the wedding photo shoot some deer loved the bride’s bouquet, and he ate it

On the wedding photos newlyweds came an unexpected guest, and he hasn’t lost on a foreign holiday, and immediately went to be photographed.

A couple from Michigan was celebrating their wedding and wanted to make beautiful pictures as a souvenir of his special day. They decided to take some pictures in a scenic place in the fresh air, but did not realize that in this place they can’t be alone. So, in the center of wedding pictures, Morgan and Luke Mackley was a deer. Hungry deer, who first stuck my head through the fence and then went right to the couple to eat the bride’s bouquet.

Young people who became husband and wife just a few hours ago, first burst out laughing when the deer quietly walked over to Morgan and began to chew on the roses in her bouquet.

«I immediately began to photograph,» — said Lorenda Bennett, a professional photographer. «We just laughed.»

When Morgan tried to bring the bouquet up so the animal could not reach it, he just jumped after him. Then she decided that, perhaps, is to throw the bouquet to deer instead of to throw it unmarried guests at the wedding.

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Bennett said: «In the end, we threw the bouquet and let the deer eat the flowers.»

«It is similar to the famous deer from Ataka, which appeared in the summer near lake Michigan and were not afraid of tourists on the beach,» adds Bennett. «He’s always by himself.»

The behavior of the deer at the wedding caused a lot of questions about how a deer can seem so domesticated, and some even suggested that he was raised by humans and then released into the wild. Whatever it was Bennett hopes that the deer will be safe as later this month begins the season of deer hunting.

«We definitely don’t want this poor deer was caught,» she said. «Because he can probably just walk right up to the hunter».