«Heisenberg is alive?»: the runaway addict – the spitting image of the portrait of Walter white from «breaking bad»

This picture of a fugitive drug addict made the fans of the series «breaking bad» to look at it more closely.

US police often share with the public photos of persons in a database owned by the police, such as criminals or suspects of crimes, so no one had to surprise another photo. However, that’s exactly what happened. A number of pictures posted on social networks September 3, has caused people to wonder «Heisenberg alive?»

With the fugitive drug addict on his page on the social network Facebook shared police Department Galesburg in Illinois.

However, the fugitive was not so simple. The fact that he was alone in one like the character of the popular television show «breaking bad» Walter white.

Indeed, Todd Barrick, Jr., the same bald head, glasses, and a characteristic beard like Walter white. In addition, he is 50 years old, and this is the age where the was a school teacher, suddenly turned drug dealer, when he began to broadcast the series.

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But that’s not all. As reported by television station KWQC, just like its television counterpart, Todd Barrick, Jr. was busted for possession of amphetamine.

Unexplained similarity between Walter and Todd led to a lot of funny comments in social networks.

«Well, I think we got a spoiler of the movie breaking bad,» joked amber Hendricks. And Nathan Korson added: «Bryan Cranston doesn’t look so good».

«Did you check in Albuquerque? Maybe Los Pollos Hermanos» — wittily asks police Robert Dole, Recalling other commentators about the key locations of the popular series.

In KWQC added that Barrick, Jr. is wanted for violating parole after he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.