What a magical moment! Raccoons interrupted a wedding photo shoot of the newlyweds «to give his blessing to the marriage»

Be it dog or deer, the key to a memorable wedding photo shoot is an unexpected guest. Agree: if your gorgeous pictures of nature did not attract some curious animal, you’re missing out. Fortunately for Zach levenberga and Sarah Schaaf, a company of raccoons were interested in their images.

Zach and Sarah wanted to make pictures, which the groom allegedly the first time he sees a lovely dress of his bride. Therefore, young people went to a Botanical garden in San Francisco, California Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden in the hope that there no one will disturb them to implement his plan. How wrong they were! When they started to pose for pictures with professional photographer Catherine white, several raccoons emerged from the bushes and walked right into the center of the frame.

Fortunately, the raccoons come in peace. Catherine wrote in Instagram:

Every part of their day was perfect, but there were some very special moments… like when we did photos in the Park and we were approached by a friendly family of raccoons. At first I was horrified, because they can be angry and usually don’t walk in the day… but, obviously, urban raccoons used to people, and just wanted to be in a few pictures! It was one of those moments that I will never forget… a good sign I think!

The appearance of intruders and Katherine offered to leave the Park to avoid the raccoons, but when Zack and Sarah just walked away, cheeky animals just followed them. Obviously, they wanted to take part in a photo shoot…or they just wanted a closer look at the dress from Sarah from Marchesa. In the end the couple decided that the raccoons just wanted to give his blessing to the marriage. And how can you not agree?

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The resulting images look like stills from the Disney films. Not surprisingly, they shared thousands of times.

Someone else crossed her fingers and wished that in his special day appeared cute animals?