The plane United Airlines made an emergency landing after a passenger was stuck in the toilet (video)

The airline United Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger stuck in the toilet during the flight.

Flight 1554 went on Wednesday evening, September 25, Washington (D.C.) in San Francisco, when a woman trapped in the toilet.

The wearer of Twitter, who was also on Board, shared a video after the plane made an emergency landing at the airport Denver (Colorado).

On video employees of the airline and the passengers who tried to open the door.

«Well, United is never boring, we need to make an emergency landing in Denver because a passenger was stuck in the toilet», was signed by the witness under the video.

Well folks it’s never a dull moment on @united , we have to make an “emergency landing” in Denver because a passenger got stuck in the bathroom. You can’t make this up…also the wifi is crappy and there is no way for me to charge my phone, happy travels. #unitedairlines

— TK (@taylorkkimber) September 26, 2019

The woman later added that the Denver Board went up fire-rescue units, which were able to open the jammed door of the toilet. It took five firefighters and a mechanic.

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The passenger held in a locked trap about an hour, she was not injured, but, according to eyewitnesses, seemed confused when she was released.

Passenger Todd Wagner said that the audience erupted with loud applause when rescuers pulled a passenger out of the toilet.

One wearer of Twitter wrote that this incident is one of the biggest of her fears. Others published photos of close toilets of the aircraft, showing how small they are — some people above 6 feet can’t stand them right.

That same night United Airlines made an official statement, saying that the door is broken.

«We apologize for this,» the company said.

In Denver, the passengers boarded another plane and went to San Francisco, but with a delay.