Wonders of nature: a wounded squirrel «thanks» his Savior, which was brought to him Mama-squirrel (video)

When the squirrel stopped this woman and asked for help, she waved from the animal and saved its wounded squirrel. Police officers arrived on a call, posted a survey confirming what he saw.

The police Department Pulaski in Virginia shared the story, which is hard to believe until you see with your own eyes, but fortunately, she got into the camera lens.

A woman walking along the path in the Park, I noticed that it has the protein. What happened after, caused her to call the police. TIA Powell was in the Park, Kiwanis Park, when she «approached the squirrel,» wrote representatives of the police Department on his page in Facebook. «Squirrel stood in her way on the track.» TIA quickly realized that the squirrel does not want to hurt her, but she was not going to leave her alone.

The woman followed the animal along the path, where the protein showed her a little squirrel with a wound on the foot. TIA was not sure that I will be able to assist the baby on their own, but when she turned to leave, «protein again followed her and even pulled her pants leg!» continue the story to the police.

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«Powell understood that the mother squirrel and her squirrel hunted a cat.» After that, he called a friend in the police Department. When police officers arrived, they found a woman sitting on the ground with both squirrels. Her and her girlfriend, Jasmine brown, managed to help the animals get back to the tree. But before the squirrel thanked the Savior, gently touching his muzzle to her hand.

Police Pulaski praised the woman they dubbed the «Whisperer protein» for having listened to my instincts and believe that something is wrong. The police said that they contacted the specialists, who, however, failed to move to another place of the squirrel. But thanks to Powell and her friend, both animals are safe.