A huge puddle in Texas «swallows» of unsuspecting pedestrians (video)

A resident of Houston made a hilarious video in which unsuspecting pedestrians are literally sinking into an unexpectedly deep puddle after the last rain. He tried to warn people, but since he did not listen, all he has left is to make a fun video to amuse and social networks.

Recently passed in Texas, the rain led to flash flooding. Appeared in the city pools has been very insidious and not so small, as considered by many passers-by, snaking their way to their cars. One of the locals filmed a video in which people go to the machines, but all of a sudden «disappear» in an incredibly deep puddle in the Parking lot. The video was shot in a Parking lot in Houston last Thursday in the middle of the day, and the man who led the survey, said that he had to slow down at the pavement because it was dangerous to drive the car.

Shooting begins with the fact that the running man comes to the pool, obviously thinking that she was shallow. However, he completely disappears under the water, and the puddle is only the umbrella, which he held before his fall.

The man who shot the video said that he was trying to warn other pedestrians about the dangers of the treacherous puddles. «I continued to shoot and warn people not to cross the puddle, but they did not believe me and continued to go further,» he said.

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The next victims of puddles became the family when the mother of the family suddenly plunged into the water, waist deep. Trying desperately to stay dry, she lets out a surprised sound. In the fall the woman was holding the hand of her son, but fortunately, during incident nobody has suffered.

Funny clip ends with the fact that one man ignores the warning and goes right into the puddle. In the background you can hear how amazed the observers are laughing at his blunders.

Video amused many users of social networks and quickly became viral as it was viewed thousands of times.