«Fast and furious» in the Chicago airport: the machine with on-Board food spiked right on the landing field (video)

Chaos and stunts in the style of «the fast and the Furious» saw passengers at the international airport O’hara in Chicago, when they «rebelled» catering machine with on-Board food. However, bold and quick sreagirovatj employee of American Airlines saved the situation.

Dr. Kevin Klauer, osteopath, expecting the flight to Tennessee from Illinois and took video in which the machine with on-Board meal, suddenly «goes crazy» and starts doing laps right on the landing field, dangerously close to the plane and airport staff.

Crazy event at ORD. Heads up safety move by a ramp worker! pic.twitter.com/SQi5zB0Ooz

— Kevin Klauer DO, EJD (@Emergidoc) September 30, 2019

«At first it was fun to watch, but it picked up speed and began to pose a danger to people,» said Klauer.

On video it is visible that from the machine I food. Airport staff are trying to approach her, but the truck is too unmanageable and is approaching the nose of the aircraft, while American Airlines agent on another machine crashes during «enraged» truck and thrown her.

«When it was over, all observers burst into a loud applause,» said an eyewitness Klauer.

In a statement, American Airlines said that according to preliminary information, cars jammed the gas pedal, which led to the loss of control over her.

«None of the employees of American Airlines were not injured, but the incident delayed the flight for 10 minutes — stated in the message American Airlines. — We thank member of our team for quick actions that helped to stop the truck».

Video Klauer just a day has garnered over 8 million views.