Sweet girl pit bull that the owners had left a pregnant, pamper photoshoot for expectant mothers

Adorable dog pampered photo session for moms-to-be after she was rescued in early September.

The girl was 2 years and Mother whose name is Pickles found when she walked alone in the street, just about ready to give birth. Employees of animal control, who found the dog managed to contact her registered owners, but in response I heard only that she no longer needed them.

Mom soon took Pickles Pits & Giggles Rescue is a non – profit organization that specializiruetsya on the care of pregnant dogs and their puppies. Pits & Giggles Rescue also takes pictures of dogs and their offspring, to give them more chances to find a new loving home. Lauren Castine Sykes, volunteer and photographer of the organization, said: «When the Pits & Giggles turned to me, saying that they just came from the shelter the new dog that was the most gentle and caring animals, we decided to take pictures to capture those priceless moments.»

When the photographer turned the camera on, Mom’s Pickles turned into a real diva and has shown everyone how to work in front of cameras even when her tummy was trying a little to prevent it. «She’s an incredible model. Her legs, of course, too short to pass on the catwalk, but she really liked the attention and emotional atmosphere,» said Lauren. «To see how it pulls the tongue and the tail was the biggest reward. I couldn’t stop thanking the volunteers Pits & Giggles for saving this sweet Mama.» Soon after touching shoot Pickles Mom gave birth to 8 wonderful girls. Of course, for this joyful event was followed by yet another photo shoot – already a young mother with children.

The photos were soon posted online and received with lots of positive reviews. One Facebook user wrote: «They are all adorable and so cute, I hope she’ll find her house.» Another said: «a Real beauty! I’m so glad she didn’t have to give birth in the shelter».

After a few months Mama Pickles and her puppies will have it. I hope they all get their «happily ever after» you deserve.