«He’s my hero»: a true boxer Bubba saved the life of his mistress, when her iPad caught fire and nearly blew up the whole house

Boxer Bubba knew exactly what to do when Sunday evening his mistress’s house was filled with smoke.

Bubba jumped down from his favorite places to sleep in the living room and rushed to her bedroom. While thick, acrid smoke filled the house, 45-pound boxer did not hesitate for a second. It was obvious that he must save a life.

The hostess Bubba Laverne told me that her iPad caught fire while charging. She was asleep when it happened, so had no idea how dangerous the situation as long as the intelligent animal rushed into her room.

When Bubba touched her hand, immediately Wake up, the woman immediately woke up. «You know, it scared me. He ran into the room like a gorilla. He knew I was in trouble,» she told 8 On Your Side.

The account was every second, because the iPad was charging in the kitchen where the woman stored a lot of inflammable substances. Laverne explained that because of his illness, she needs oxygen tanks. The firefighters were horrified when they arrived on the scene and saw more than one bottle in the house. Later they told Laverne that she is lucky that Bubba woke her up. «They said if I hadn’t woken up, it probably would have died in bed, and the oxygen tanks exploded,» she explained.

Waking up, the woman tried to extinguish the fire, at the same time contacting the fire Department. However, it was difficult to stay in the house. She wasn’t breathing as Bubba. «Bubba wheezed, trying to breathe but couldn’t. I opened all the Windows and brought us out of the house while we waited for the firefighters,» she recalls.

Former nurse now retired and lives at his home in Pasco. She is forced to fight for his life with terminal lung cancer. In fact, it very much depends on his friend Bubba, and he always need his help. And he do every day to take care of his mistress, including one Sunday, when she felt unwell and went to bed early.

Despite the depressing statistics, according to which she is only some 5 years of his life, Laverne remains cheerful and positive. «Look how beautiful the street, look where we live, life is beautiful,» she said, standing on the doorstep. «Maybe I don’t know how many I have left, but I’m here with my dog and I’m happy. I love him and he loves me. He saved my life. My hero, that’s how I feel about him. He’s my hero.»