Missing dog reunited with family after traveled almost 1200 km

Family black and white young husky had not hoped ever again to see your pet, but one student was able to reunite a family with animals. But the most incredible was how far away from family turned out to be a dog, worked his way almost 3 in the state.

It is common for a pet to go walking and be in another district, but the dog I found in Las Cruces, new Mexico was in a shocking 1127 kilometers from his home in California.

Student of State University of new Mexico Juan Treto recalls how he was walking home when he suddenly appeared energetic young husky. The dog was friendly and Juan gladly take the dog yourself. «I thought he was on vacation or something like that,» he explains. «It was obvious that he just wants to be loved.»

The dog spent with a student about 6 weeks and he used to call her Annie. At some point, Juan took Annie to the exhibition of Pets to looked at her with the vet. Then the specialists found on the dog’s microchip, which allowed Juan to connect with the real owners of the dog.

«I think the owner of the dog was very surprised that her dog was in new Mexico,» he recalls. «She told me that she lost it in orange County in California, and could not believe that she would call someone from new Mexico».

As it turned out, actually the dog’s name is Bella, and her family lives near Los Angeles. They are waiting for her return.

«I have 2 daughters, and they were broken-hearted when she’s gone,» said the real owner of the dog Jessica Smith. «I didn’t think we even ever hear about it. I was really hoping that it is not eaten. I was thinking the worst.»

Although the parting was bitter-sweet for Juan, he is glad his role in reuniting families with their Pets.