More than 8 million views: network blew up a viral video of a huge dog, gently soothing the kitten during the first bath

Don’t let the menacing appearance fool you – this big Mama is a very kind soul.

An employee of the veterinary clinic Stephanie Weiss (36 years) told me that her dog breed Bloodhound named ruby Jane with great warmth applies to all rescued kittens, which Stephanie and her husband, Matthew (age 47) take time at his home in Lakeland, Florida.

Family Weiss was introduced to ruby Jane with more than 100 tiny kittens over the past few years and now have a 5-year-old dog who was also rescued by the shelter, there was a very special fluffy ball.

Meet Bodie, shaking 5-week-old kitten of breed the American Wirehaired, which the dog hastened to reassure and cheer during a frightening first bath last week.

«That’s your baby, Jane? It’s your baby that you’re trying to cuddle?» — asks Stephanie ruby Jane video in a while, like a dog gently stroking the Body with a paw larger than the head of a tiny kitten. «Say, «All right.» Say, «All right, little kitty is just a tub,»», — says Stephanie gently, encouraging maternal instincts ruby Jane.

An employee of the veterinary clinic posted a touching video on the social network last Thursday, but it has already become viral and get more hits 8600000.

Stephanie and Matthew told Caters News that brought Bodie and 2 other kittens home from the local shelter, society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, which are lulls healthy Pets just because the shelter is full. Stephanie and her husband will take care of the kittens until they are ready to get yourself some loving family.

«Ruby Jane is a very playful dog and well applies to all kittens that happen at our house,» said Stephanie.

«In particular, she is delighted with the Bodysuit since we brought him home. For the past 5 years we have become the temporary home to the 107 kittens, including these 3 babies.»