Unimaginable error of the priest ended with the wedding bridesmaid and best man, has just proposed to his girlfriend

The woman turned to the users of the web site to tell an almost unbelievable story about how her brother, who was at the wedding best man married with a bridesmaid just because the priest made a mistake in the register of marriages.

Referring to the users of the forum Reddit to explain the situation, the woman said that the situation is aggravated by the fact that the day before the groom best man proposed to his girlfriend.

«How do you like this story in the style of «this is not happening»,» began the girl. «My brother was the best man at the wedding and witness the young, therefore, signed the book of registration of marriages. However, the priest did something wrong and recorded my brother and the bridesmaid as the bride and groom, and these bride and groom made by the witnesses in their own wedding ceremony».

«Now, here’s the truth, my brother is married to the maid of honor, and we are trying to change this situation. As if that wasn’t enough, but just yesterday he proposed to his girlfriend. It’s too incredible to not share it.»

And although other Reddit users found the situation hilarious, some questioned the veracity of this story.

It is standard practice of affixing signatures in the register of marriages in the Church, and couples usually have 2 witnesses.

And, as pointed out by the users of the site, if everything you told sister the hapless newlyweds, such a marriage is easily annulled. One person wrote: «This could not happen. If in any case such happened, it would be grounds for immediate cancellation and there would be the slightest problem».

Someone else added, «Is to read everything you sign, especially contracts. It will be easy to spot, plus, the signature will be different.»

Others, however, this view is not convinced, and someone said that «no one reads that he signed during the ceremony. Would be awkward to come forward during the ceremony and look at the document that you have never seen before, to make sure sign something right. At the same time, I had no problems to make sure that the document I signed was the word «witness» without taking too much time. Don’t understand how these people failed to do.»

Although some commentators and do not believe in the reality of this story, it seems that the marriage can be easily annulled.