The pilot of a passenger airliner and its colleague-the woman gave a violent fight in the plane (video)

The network has released a dramatic video in which the pilot of the airline Republic Airways staged a fight with a female employee of the same airline on the plane.

The incident occurred during a stop of the aircraft on September 14 at the international airport Denver (Colorado).

It is known that man and woman were in a romantic relationship, but that day had a big fight. Fortunately, at this time, the plane had no passengers.

Law enforcement authorities said that the 36-year-old pilot William Thomas met with 29-year-old Marisha Sparer, but the pair quarreled, when she saw something in the phone of the boyfriend that she didn’t like.

«They agreed to leave, so Thomas sat in the cockpit, and Sporer went to the gate, but later returned and a fight broke out», — militiamen noted.

The airline representative said that at the time the plane had no passengers.

«We know about the situation that occurred last month involving two of our employees, said Republic Airways. We investigated and took appropriate action. Both participants of the fight fired because such behavior is unacceptable».

It is known that during the incident, Republic Airways operated flight code-sharing with United Airlines.

Code-share — share flights is an arrangement between airlines in which the airline carries the passengers whose tickets have been issued by another airline.

In the end the flight from Denver after the incident, was postponed to the next day.