The bride was in despair, but instead of a wedding cake with peacocks «lopsided Turkey, infected with leprosy»

The bride was very upset, ordering the wedding cake with a pair of peacocks, and received from Baker’s «lopsided Turkey infected with leprosy.»

Rena Davis from Georgia ordered a perfect, in her opinion, the wedding cake, showing the Baker a picture of a similar dessert that she found on the Internet. The unusual design assumed the presence of 2 birds, sponge cake bases heart-shaped and chocolate cupcakes, forming a beautiful peacock tail.

But the cake that the bride got in the end, strikingly different from the image. In addition, the head of the peacock fell from the «lopsided» biscuit.


Geplaatst door Annette Davis Hill op Donderdag 3 oktober 2019

Rena was desperate, paying for the confection of $300 a month before the date of the celebration. And, despite assurances that everything will be «according to plan» for a few weeks before the wedding, the cake arrived the night before the holiday and was quite different from the one dreamed of bride.

What’s even worse is that as soon as Baker left, the head of the peacock was gone, and Rena realized that sugar fondant was butter cream.

Wren demanded the return of her money for a cake, but at first was refused. However, sharing your story in social networks, the other day she received in the mail an envelope with $300. «I was desperate. I saw the cake and just came out of the room,» she says. «It was a lopsided horror – nothing like what I wanted. Until yesterday, we never heard. She didn’t call and didn’t contact us. The only reason why she returned the money, is that post has gone viral. First, she stated that she could not refund my money because I spent on it 50 hours and had to pay my mom for help.»

Geplaatst door Annette Davis Hill op Zondag 6 oktober 2019

Rena explains that the Baker herself admitted that she had problems with the fondant because she had to do the peacock from the oil cream.

«5 minutes after she left, one peacock head fell off. I wrote her a message and asked me to return the money, but she said she will see what I can do. After a few minutes she appeared again in front of my house with a box of puffed rice. When she came back, tried again to attach the bird’s head. She went out to tell my husband that he spent on the cake 50 hours, and she had the time off from work».

Rena adds that she explained to the woman that does not suit her kind of cake, colors and components used, and again asked her to return the money, to which Baker replied, «Well, I could not Fudge – it always had air bubbles». The bride adds: «I thought I would at least call me? All supposedly went according to plan, and she assured that she will bring the cake the night before the wedding.»

Geplaatst door Annette Davis Hill op Zondag 6 oktober 2019

Turning to the social networks, sister now husband Rena Annette hill wrote: «Single «peacock» like a Turkey infected with leprosy or something like that, and white bird that is not white, even no tail and it looks nothing like a bird, just a brown ball! «Birds» NOTHING to support it and cake has already started to SAG under its own weight so much that by the beginning of the celebration the birds will be a bottom tier of the cake. So on the morning of the wedding, the bride ran from store to store trying to find a cake that will be perfect for her wedding».

Wren admitted that he was so upset that I left the product in the refrigerator for 3 days, and then threw it in the trash without trying. However, the happy bride added that after she was able to find another cake, the wedding day was great.